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We die-cut solid color, 6 year, all-weather, self adhesive vinyl.

high grade outdoor vinyl, our decals stand the test of time. Fully weatherproof - our stickers look beautiful when applied correctly, and actually look more like professionally painted on artwork, rather than a sticker or decal. They hold up beautifully in snow, sea salt, and blazing sun for years without fading, bleeding, peeling or cracking.

Die-cut vinyl decals look painted on, with no background at all.
Die-cut decals have no background... at all. The actual graphic or lettering is machine-cut... out of all-weather, self adhesive vinyl. The result is an image or lettering that looks more like it was painted on when compared to standard peel and stick stickers.

We display most of our one color graphics on this site in black and white, the black being the actual die cut vinyl image, and the white being the surface the decal is eventually placed upon. The color of the surface you place the decal onto has everything to do with how the finished result will look. See the three examples below to get a clearer picture of how one color decals look once applied...

One Color Decal applied to a white surface, a blue surface, and a wood-grain surface...

White One Color Decal applied to a black surface, a blue surface, and a wood-grain surface...

Red One Color Decal applied to a white surface, a blue surface, and a wood-grain surface...

Multi color decals look how they look no matter what color surface they are placed onto. All colors in the display image are present, including the white elements. Each color in the design is computer cut separate and layered in the proper order by hand. The benefit to die-cut multicolor decals versus printed full color decals is outdoor durability. Die-cut all-weather vinyl decals stay vivid for 3 times longer in harsh outdoor environments.
Below is a five color image to help illustrate the multi color process.

We list the longer of two dimensions when giving the size of most of our decals. So a 5" decal would fit inside a 5" x 5" space, and a 23" decal would fit into a 23" x 23" space, and so forth. For exact measurements of any decal in any size, or for custom sizes just
email us.

We can stretch and skew any graphic or lettering to fit just about any space... or to simply alter is look...

Normal cut is "as shown" in the webpage display graphic.
Reversed cut
is the mirror image of the display graphic.

For ONE COLOR lettering and graphics that are going on the INSIDE OF GLASS reading out,
order "Reversed / Mirror Image" cut.

MULTI COLOR decals must always go on the outside.
They CANNOT be placed on the inside of glass looking outward.

When ordering two of the same graphics intended for "driver and passenger side" type applications, so that both graphics are looking the same direction on each side, order 1 normal and 1 reversed.

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